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I'm a learning experience designer with 10+ years in instructional and curriculum design. I am passionate about bringing clarity to ambiguity and optimizing work processes. 

My background in e-learning and curriculum development was fine-tuned when I earned my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology. I have since enjoyed leveraging new tech tools in my work to optimize each project. Creativity, wonder, and simplicity are at the center of all the work that I do.

I am also the owner of The Jayne Elle Shop, an e-commerce business that creates products to keep your wellness on your mind. All products have been created from a pain point that either I or someone I know has experienced. I am constantly learning new aspects of what it means to launch and scale a business. From product photography to SEO to customer service and retention, I love the process of owning a business and meeting a need that is missing in the market. 

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